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Our Mission is to take care of all medical needs and illnesses  of your family.

DR Chitale clinic is Run by a consultant physician and a qualified consultant pathologist.

The clinic has a long history and reputation of being most ethical and Rational and highest standards of professional excellence spanning over the period of 20 yrs.


Experienced Doctor

We had a very humble beginning 20 years back when we started our venture with a Moto of serving a Human being none less than a living God. We are the Leading Centre for Diabetes and Obesity and weight loss therapies. Dr Chitale has been a Leading Diabetologists and has been a Diabetic Educator for last 7 years the only centre for North Maharashtra.


Prompt & Friendly Staff

Our staff is always there to help you. Call them for any difficulty from appointment to any other laboratory services like a blood collection at your doorstep. Take an appointment for your problem as we are there to help you with online appointments as well as appointments telephonically.

Illness Covered

We have been treating patients of all common elements like all sorts of fever starting from simple viral fevers to complicated ones. Chest infections like problems Covid pneumonia‘s and other Respiratory tract infections, lever elements like jaundice, Nervous system diseases like Paralysis, Headache, Vertigo, Bones and joint diseases and other common illness.

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Our Services

We have a dedicated team to take care of your OPD based patient needs & Laboratory services and advanced facilities and technologies like Continuous glucose monitoring systems (C.GM.S.) and Home Blood pressure monitoring devices.


Our Moto is to give a good quality life to our diabetic patients with this principle in mind Dr Chitale has been treating diabetes and its complication over the 25 years. He has to his credit attended many national and international conferences on diabetes.


Our multi facility clinic provides range of services including continuous ambulatory blood pressure monitoring system {CAMBP] which can help the patient to really know whether he or she has actual high blood pressure or not.

Pathology Lab

Dr Chitale’s Pathology lab performs Number of all common test and in addition to all this, Dr Chitale’s Pathology laboratory has few state of the art technology with minimum chance of Error like they are having a dedicated automated analysers.

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“(Translated by Google) The doctor’s speech is very soft
Great way to explain
The reception is also good

डॉक्टरांचे बोलणे एकदम सॉफ्ट आहे
समजुन सांगण्याची पद्धत उत्तम
रिसेपशन सुद्धा चांगले आहे”

Tushar Pawar


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