Diabetes Care

As we know our country has one of the largest population of Diabetes.

Dr Chitale Clinic had a Moto to give a good quality life to our diabetic patients with this principle in mind Dr Chitale has been treating diabetes and its complication over the 25 years. He has to his credit attended many national and international conferences on diabetes. 


Dr Manoj Chitale

Dr Chitale clinic and pathology laboratory’s aim is to provide you  and your families all medical needs and common illnesses are taken care.

DR Chitale clinic is Run by a consultant physician and a qualified consultant pathologist.

The clinic has a long history and track record of ethical practices and Rational and highest standards of professional excellence spanning over the period of 20 yrs. 

We had a very humble beginning 20 years back when we started our venture with a moto of serving a human being none less than as a living God.

20 Years Of Experience

Over the years we establish our self as a very professionally accomplished with highest care of standards OPD practice with thousands of patient being treated by us and this reputation is helping us to build our practice.

As far as Dr Chitale clinics practices goes we have been treating all the elements which are which are  of very common occurrence in the population.

We have been treating patients of common fevers Respiratory problems   like Covid pneumonia ‘s other Respiratory tract infections, Lever elements like jaundice Nervous system diseases like Paralysis, Headache, Vertigo, Bones and joint diseases and other common illness.

Diabetes Speciality

Dr Manoj Chitale was lucky enough to attend several Madras diabetes research foundation courses for diabetes every year.

The Madras Diabetes research foundation is one of the top notch institute for Diabetes in the world.

Dr Chitale was Appointed as a trainer for national diabetes education programme over last 7 seven years with DR V Mohan and DR Shashank Joshi who both are Padmashree Awardee for Diabetes work in  india

Dr Chitale has keen interest in educating and treating diabetic patients so they can have a normal happy healthy life without any complications for their life

Dr Chitale at present serving as a Professor of medicine at SMBT medical College and research Institute many students have been trained under him over many years.

Dr Chitale clinic has been a top-notch facility for diabetes education and treatment.

To our credit we have put so many of our patients on Continuous glucose monitoring systems which is also known as CGMS which is a a state of art technology of generation next which monitors patient blood glucose every few minutes and can guide the patient about his sugar fluctuations and give a good insight for his diet exercise and medication Dr Chitale clinic is doing this CGMS with A device called Guardian connect device of Medtronic’s labs USA.



  • Gestational Diabetes
  • Type 1 Diabetes
  • Type 2 Diabetes
    • Angina Pectoris
    • Arrhythmia
    • Atherosclerosis
    • Coronary Artery Disease
    • Heart Failure
    • Hypertension
    • Myocardial Infarction
    • Hyperthyroidism
    • Hypothyroidism

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Clinic also provide facilities for continuous ambulatory ambulatory blood pressure monitoring system{CAMBP] which can help the patient to really know whether whether he he or she has actual blood pressure or not. 

Dr Chitale pathology Laboratory is under care of Dr Mrs Sanjeevani Chitale who is a qualified MD pathologist working since last 20 years Dr Chitale pathology lab has gained a reputation for its quality and affordability.


Lab Performance

Dr Chitale Pathology lab performs Number of all common test and in addition to that’s Dr Chitale Pathology laboratory has few state of the art technology with minimum chance of Error like they are having a dedicated Cell counter. a HIGH end machine for HbA1C that is to measure your 3 months’ average sugars a test which can tell you about your present sugar control and future complications of Diabetes.


State Of Art

Dr Chitale Pathology lab has a state of art machine for doing thyroid test and other Test like Vitamin D and number of other biochemical test which are done to assess the health of your liver kidneys and other organ systems.

And not the least this laboratory works under a qualified pathologist who is always there in the work station which is most important thing that the man behind the machine matters the most.


Expert Pathologist

Dr Mrs Chitale Has a experience of working as a Pathologist as a Associate Professor in Medical college in her carrier.

Very centrally on the Gangapur Road near KBT Circle in Ganesh Kuber building and can be approach on telephone as well as on mail. We have a very unique online appointment system called as Sminq App with which you can book appointment on line and you will be notified in advance when your visit is scheduled and even 15 minutes before so no more waiting in clinic.

“Dr Chitale is a very good person and experienced doctor. Best doctor in town.”

Preeti Rajput

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